Human Monsters Available for pre-order

Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters is available for pre-order! This year has been a whirlwind for me, beginning with my first pro-sale for Cemetery Gates’ Picnic in the Graveyard. Human Monsters was my next target. I submitted my story the minute window opened and got the good news pretty soon after. I believe it was mentioned on Twitter there were over 1000 submissions, with 25 selected. I am definitely in exclusive company for this one, with several bestselling authors in the TOC. Had I only landed The Bystander in this anthology I would have considered the year a success. The opportunity to submit Stargazers came soon after, and as of today it has 163 ratings with a 4.45 average on Goodreads. One question I received from those who read Stargazers is…what happens next? For a couple of months I did not have an answer. I thought the story was told. Then, my daughter asked a question that got my wheels turning. It’s early days, but I am about 6000 words into answering that question. The working title is “Skylights: A Stargazers Story.”

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